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Winlink and Digital Area

Ham Radio Deluxe (free)
AGW packet software
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Packet Systems

N2NSA John,
has shutdown packet in NYC and Bronx after almost 20+ years.
Thank you John for all of your support and dedication.

Members Weather Reporting Stations

Nassau County, WA2GUG

Queens County, KG2V

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Active Winlink nodes online

Active APRS stations

GPS Coordinates location decoder (use as a guide only)


RECWA Website



Interested on becoming a
Amateur Radio Operator it real simple

No Morse Code Required



Welcome To N2PQT

Amateur Radio Operator also know as Ham Radio

About Amateur Radio

Amateur radio operators are involved all over the world. We spend most of our free time talking to each other and learning from each other. Most of all we are there when we are needed during a desaster such as a Hurrican, Fires, Earthqucks, Floods and when you have no power we are prepared to comminicate with our battery operated radios that work off of car batterys.

We also help in communication for events like the NYC Marraton and other events from state to state.

This hobby is lots of fun and I have meet a lot of great people that have mentored me on this great habby and I have done the same to other's and that is what great about this hobby we are a big family.

If you are interested on becoming a Amateur Radio Operator let me tell you that you do not need to learn Morse Code, it's no longer required.

All you need to do is pass Technition test that is I think is 35 multilple choice question and it's easy.

- Gabriel Cuebas, N2PQT -

Ready New York Click here for more info Upton NY Latest Radar Image


View the guide online, or download your copy today. You may also obtain a copy by calling 311.

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